Something new and exciting, the art of shooting

 Lady Defense: This is our LADIES ONLY introductory to pistol shooting and safety course, its much like our other introductory firearm training courses minus the testosterone. One of the most important rights we have in this country is our 2nd amendment right and this includes ladies as well. Who said the right to bare arms was some exclusive men’s only club, in fact we think its even more important for women to take advantage of this right. In most violent encounters the number of women attacked is much higher than men. Women are usually overpowered by their much stronger male counterparts but in a life-or-death situation a firearm can be the equalizer. Personally we would like to see women take their personal protection a lot more seriously. Having a tool like a firearm as part of your defensive strategy can help relieve that defenseless feeling you get when you're alone in that poorly lit garage or when you hear that bump in the night. This basic shooting class isn't a defensive handgun course, this class is intended to get those who are are unfamiliar... familiar with firearms. This is where you learn the foundations and with practice you can build confidence and this is key to defending yourself with a firearm. For for those interested in more advanced classes for women please contact us for more Info.

Prerequisite: None

Course Outline:
.Firearm safety witch Include the 4 Universal rules of gun safety
.Understandings of handgun mechanisms both Semi Automatics and Revolvers
.The difference between Target Admonition and Defensive Ammunition and how they work
.Responsibilities of gun ownership
.How to properly and Safely handle a Firearm
.Getting to know your gun
.Loading and Unloading a Firearm   
.Basic Firing Techniques

Cost: $140 Per person. All girls training parties and advance training courses are also available please contact us for more information.

The above price includes range time, gun rental, ear and eye protection and up to 50 rounds of ammumition.



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